• Insulted. Belarus

    a p​lay by Andrei Kureichik

  • A play for the times

    Kureichik, a well-known Belarusian playwright/screenwriter/producer, is a member of the Coordination Council of Belarus. His 7-character play tells the story of the first month of the Belarusian revolution, its ups and downs on the eve of the inevitable democratization of the country after 26 years of dictatorship. All characters have real prototypes, in some you will recognize former and current leaders of the country, in others - incredible Belarusians who have gone out to battle the totalitarian machine, sometimes at the cost of their lives, their freedom, and their loved ones. They represent polar points of view in the awakened Belarusian society. The author seeks to understand how the Belarusian revolution differs from Prague in 1968, Russia in 1991 and Ukraine in 2014. He tells of the tragic escalation of violence and repression employed by the authorities to repress freedom-seeking Belarusians with bayonets and clubs, and how solidarity, truth and faith in human values inevitably lead to victory over evil.

    Worldwide Readings

    On 10 September, ARTEL was contacted by eminent theatre critic and translator, John Freedman, about the possibility of organizing a reading of Kureichik's play. We had no idea what the play would contain, but we knew instantly this was a moment in time when one must stake their fate. Unwittingly, we joined a handful of companies in the UK and USA who said yes instantly to Freedman's proposal, and this momentum has now snowballed. To date there are 75 events in 21 countries. Please visit the Facebook page for the Worldwide Readings to be kept up to date and see archived versions of readings, and clips from the World Premiere in Ukraine!

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    Support Victims of Repressions in Belarus

    Belarus Free Theatre

    The Belarus Society Foundation

  • Video of Full Length Reading by ARTEL & Friends

    @ Maketank in Exeter on 19 September 2020 (just 10 days after the play was written!)

    In solidarity with the people and theater community of Belarus, Exeter’s contemporary performance incubator, Maketank presented a semi-staged reading of Kureichik’s play in translation by John Freedman. This was an extremely fast and dirty reading. Organised, conceived and performed by ARTEL and a cast of local Devon performers, including students from the University of Exeter. We read through the play at 1:30, stumbled through some blocking for camera, and broadcast live at 6pm. With special thanks to Philip Kingslan John for Britishizing the script and for the introduction of "We Shall Not Be Moved" and "The Partisan", and to Alexander Warn for the cinematography and essential stage managing.

    Additionally, Maketank hosted a reading of the play by an all-female cast of young theatre makers on 3 November 2020 and a Q&A with this creative team, the playwright Andrei Kureichik and the English translator and organiser of the worldwide reading project, John Freedman on 6 November 2020.

    Additionally, we built an installation in the store front windows of Maketank which ran from 22 October -5 November 2020. The sign says: "General Elections. Place your ballot in the requisite box. This vote determines our nation as: - Citizen Horses - A country for life", and the ballot boxes below say "Horses" and "for Life" respectively. One screen was an edited version of the ARTEL reading with speakers on the street for passersby to hear, and the other screen had images of protests in Belarus, information about the election and subsequent protests, as well as about the play "Insulted. Belarus(sia)" and images from various worldwide readings.

  • Participating Theatres

    (190+ events in 30 countries, 23 translations in 21 languages as of 16 June 2021)


    ARTEL / Maketank, Exeter

    New Perspectives Theatre, Nottingham

    Slung Low, Holbeck

    GalinskyWorks , Norwich

    Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre, London

    Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts

    Strange Town Theatre Company, Edinburgh



    Dublin Theatre Festival

    The Lyric, Belfast



    New York Theater Workshop, NYC, NY

    St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

    Acropolis Performance Lab, Seattle, WA

    Theatre Novi Most, Minneapolis, MN

    Arlekin Players Theatre, Boston, MA

    Moscow Nights with Streamyard, New Orleans, LA

    The Art Institute of Chicago, IL

    Studio 6, NY/NC

    Shrewd Productions, Austin, TX

    Wilma Theater, Philadelphia, PA

    Towson University, Towson/Baltimore, MD

    Rogue Machine, Los Angeles, CA

    Pink Velvet Witch, Coney Island, NY

    Anya Yermakova, Chicago, IL

    Terra Incognita, Bensalem, PA

    Beth Frances Milles, Cornell University

    Illinois University, IL

    Loyola Marymount University, LA, CA

    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

    Illinois State University, Normal, IL

    The Forum and Shotgun Players, Bay Area, CA


    Exquisite Corpse Company, NYC, NY

    Tantrum Theater, Ohio University

    University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HA

    Mad Horse Theater, Portland, ME



    Kulish Academic Musical and Drama Theater, Kherson

    [World-premiere, full production, Oct. 1]

    Poltava Drama Theater, Poltava

    Wild Theater (Diky teatr), Kiev

    Kherson Puppet Theater, Kherson

    Odessa Cultural Center, Odessa

    Lvov Drama Center, Lvov



    Free Flight Films, Rain/Dozhd TV



    Vilnius State Small Theatre of Lithuania

    Balcony Theatre, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius



    Olomouc State University, Olomouc

    Festival of Contemporary Art 4+4 Days in Motion, Prague

    Municipal Theater of Zlin



    Center of Independent Culture, Banská Bystrica

    Tobacco Culture Factory, Košice

    Slovak Chamber Theatre, Martin

    Jozef Gregor Tajovský Theater, Zvolen

    Studio 12 + Divadlo Astorka Korzo '90, Bratislava Theatre Institute



    Teatr Dramatyczny, Warsaw

    Grotowski Center, Wroclaw



    Multicultural City Theater, Berlin

    Larisa Itina, Berlin



    Royal Dramatic Theater, Stockholm



    Het nieuwstedelijk (The New Urban Theater), Leuven

    WISPER Repertory Theater, Leuven

    De leesclub (Reading Club), Antwerp



    Parnassos - Utrecht online project



    Dutch National Theater



    Iași National Theatre






    Akhmeteli Theater, Tbilisi



    Mihai Eminescu National Theater, Chisinau



    Blank Space Studio



    Arojah Royal Theatre, Abujah



    Translation by Anastasia Shkola



    Translation by Giulia Dossi